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I am happy to call myself a writer! 


With my first published story in 1970 came a prize—a typewriter. A few short stories and a series of poems were written on that machine and then it was set aside in a drawer. My career has been an eclectic one since then, moving between teaching and hospital administration and back to teaching. No time for writing. When I retired in 2018, time and space opened in front of me.

The typewriter was replaced with my computer and I thought-let’s see what might happen! My first book Hidden Daughter-Secret Sister: A Story of Adoption was released in October 2020. My second book, AFTER: Stories of Resilience is finished and waiting to take flight.

ABOUT Hidden Daughter-Secret Sister, A Story of Adoption

A powerful adoption memoir about one woman’s search for her birth family, and the surprising secrets she uncovers along the way.

“I began life as a mistake, and everything else about my birth was shrouded in secrecy,” writes Kim Mooney in this brave memoir about healing the emotional wounds of adoption.

From the outside, Mooney’s childhood would have seemed almost idyllic: loving parents, lively siblings, and a comfortable home. And yet, throughout her life, she was haunted by the knowledge that she had been given up at birth, and wrestled with the accompanying feelings of shame, confusion, and fear of rejection—emotions that are all-too familiar among adoptees. 

With unflinching candour and self-awareness, Mooney recounts her journey from her life as an emotionally insecure child in 1950s Canada to a determined adult searching for her roots, and lays bare the deeply buried family secrets she uncovers along the way. 

As Mooney works to untangle the shame, confusion, and anger that can accompany adoption, she deftly weaves in the experiences of other adoptees, providing valuable insight into the psychological repercussions of adoption and how they can be addressed.

A complex and engaging book full of surprising revelations, Hidden Daughter, Secret Sister offers insights for adoptees struggling with their sense of place, and opens a window for birth parents, siblings, friends, and others into the adoptee experience.

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What People Say

“I couldn’t put it down, I guess this is what you would call a rave review and you definitely deserve it, Wonderfully told and a real page turner, It was like sitting down with a friend for the afternoon and having them tell me their brutally honest and very brave story, It read like a good mystery. I also realized it will be such a comfort to all those adopted people who have been wrestling with like demons all their lives.

Megan Abbott, former owner and CEO, BC Woman’s Magazine

“Thoroughly enjoyed your book. So well written and fascinating story. Reads like a mystery, the reader learning your story as it unfolds in your real life.”

Kelley Riley, Vancouver, BC

“Today, adoption is sometimes an open process where all of the parties involved share in the story. And, as the child grows, it too learns about that story. But that wasn’t always the case. The adoptee’s birth parents and biological family was held as a closely held secret by the adoption agency. Any attempt to learn that history by the adoptee was met with a closed door. Hidden Daughter-Secret Sister reveals one person’s journey to find her biological family with all of the associated pain and joy. The book is a quick read that will leave the reader, especially an adopted person, thinking about their journey and how they are not alone in the search.”

David, Salt Lake City, Utah

“What an amazing book! It’s not an easy read, I laughed and cried! Having known Kim for a many year. I had no idea of what she had to go through to find out about herself, information that we all should have without question. It is truly an amazing effort, taking many years to get most of the answers, sadly not all. To feel rejected is such an awful feeling, and to live with it for most of your life, is quite a daunting thought (I have some experience of being rejected), Kim’s tenacity, persistence and drive is an indicator of the truly amazing person that she is. She is one of the easiest people I know to talk to, and one of the most genuine. I am a better person for having her in my life.”

Ellis Eaglesham, Scotland




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